Mobile refrigerated chambers Professor and Risk Protection

Mobile refrigerated chambers Professor and Risk Protection

What qualities you need to have in order to successfully engage in entrepreneurial activities? Probably, several such qualities can be distinguished. This is a special “grip”, which is given by nature and far from everyone, and the ability to communicate with people, and “feeling” of the market, and excitement. And also, it is necessary, the lack of fear of risking, otherwise achieving success is unlikely.

There is nothing to be done, entrepreneurial activity is always fraught with risk – he has invested, bought a product, but he “did not go”. For example, the place turned out to be impenetrable. Or the rental is too high, and there is no point in raising prices higher – buyers will not take. Or competitors were stronger and more successful. Especially the risk increases if you have to sell perishable products that the buyer will not wait for the buyer. And if the entrepreneur managed to build something in this unsuccessful place, then his losses will be significant. At best, he will sell cheap. And in the worst ..

Now, if it were possible, for example, a refrigerator for storing products, carefully disassemble, transfer to another place and re -collect ..

It turns out that this is possible. There are such collapsible refrigerated chambers from the PPU sandwich panels that the company Professor Milod produces. Refrigerated cameras from professional hodo are not only mobile, but also have many other advantages. Since they are made of PPU sandwich panels, having very low thermal conductivity, they hold the cold perfectly, preventing products from deteriorating, not afraid of moisture, aggressive environments and temperature changes.

Moreover, you can assemble-strive-picking up not only a refrigerator, but also a small trading pavilion. It turns out very convenient: on the one hand, you have your own room, originally made for your needs, and this is not a small tent meter per meter. On the other hand, your pavilion can be disassembled, loaded and sent to where, in your opinion, your business will go more successfully. And even do it by once.

By the way, the weight of the sandwich PPU panels is very small, so there are no problems either with the construction of the foundation, or with transportation, or with collection and dismantling work.

Did not set the business in one place, feel free to transfer it to another. The company Professor’s company took care that this process takes place painlessly.

You can find out more about the company’s products on the CatalogCold_ROOMS website.

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