Modern cuisine is the heart of the house!

Modern cuisine is the heart of the house!

The main significant quality of the well -chosen kitchen is how nice it is to spend time in this kitchen. And if this is confirmed, then there will always be a company in the kitchen.

It so happened that the kitchen, according to tradition, is the heart of the house, in the old days it was in the kitchen that people spent the most time. This place disposes to itself, both children and animals are drawn here, and friends feel more relaxed in the kitchen. That is why the layout and decoration of the kitchen plays a large role.

The main most important step when decorating the kitchen in the MO is to determine the type for the kitchen and the type of room, which will be the result of the finish. Perhaps it will make sense to spend precious time and more money in order to add light and space, even if this requires expansion at the expense of another room or extension. It is worth considering whether a separate dining room or combined room is needed, for example, with a hall.

With a carefully thought -out layout, the process of cooking will become the most pleasant and effective. The basis of most planning solutions are “3 corners”, including the most common in use of a place for cooking, a sink and a place for storing food. Of course, these places should be combined with each other, as well as inside any working triangle, there should be a place for free movement, especially between the stove and the sink. For the kitchen, it is of particular importance and good ventilation with lighting.

With the distribution of electrical appliances in the kitchen, the kitchen became a room filled with all kinds of technical news and mechanisms. But it should be remembered that do not overload the kitchen with electrical appliances. It is important to determine which of the devices are really important for your kitchen, and which can become necessary in the future, since these items can be quite expensive and occupy too much place in the kitchen territory.

Modern kitchens provide for the fact that all surfaces and materials are usually resistant to water, fat, pair and smells and are easily cleaned. However, given the new changes, when decorating the kitchen, they often pay attention to comfort, traditional features and warm atmosphere.

The choice of kitchen decoration provides for a fairly large number of options. So, when decorating your kitchen, you should count on both your design fantasy and the necessary rules of convenience and security.

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