New Japanese reinforced concrete can stand a millennium

New Japanese reinforced concrete can stand a millennium

The leading general contractors of Japan have developed ways to make reinforced concrete more durable. Modern reinforced concrete has the average life expectancy – about 100 years, but the new Japanese reinforced concrete promises to be a life -active whole millennia.

Concrete is carried out by mixing gravel and other units along with cement and water. Reinforced concrete also includes a lattice structure from steel rods, which provide strength. Strengthening ordinary concrete with steel rods makes the material more useful for construction, including this procedure gives us the opportunity to build high -rise buildings, supporting road structures, bridges and tunnels.

In the case when the first steel rods below 5 centimeters from the surface, reinforced concrete will live for about 50-100 years before the rods begin to rust. New technologies extended the service life of the material, creating an additional barrier that protects the rods from air or water.

For example, Simizu has developed a way to minimalize gaps inside concrete. The company first fixes concrete using a special mixture mixture, and then wraps a hardened concrete structure into sheets of polyethylene. This reduces the evaporation of water so that less empty space is formed inside (the number of gaps is reduced by as much by 75%). Simizu claims that this can extend the life of the material for 1000 years.

The technology adds about 10% to the initial cost of construction, but the company of Simizu notes that in the long run it reduces expenses, including for subsequent repair and updating of the structures of the building.

Meanwhile, in the company of Takenak, they developed a way to make concrete using half a normative amount of water. Instead of water, a specially developed supplement is used, which reduces the formation of cracks after drying.

Contractors in Japan are already actively interested in these technologies, so the development of methods for increasing the life of reinforced concrete will continue.

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