Save without harm to quality

Save without harm to quality

Repair is a costly and laborious process. With the correct distribution of the budget to the main repair points (decoration of walls, ceilings, floor, costs for materials and workers), you can realize your ideas without harm to quality, which will bring considerable savings.

Bathroom. Repair in the bathroom is complicated by the fact that in such a room increased humidity and poor ventilation. First you need to dismantle old mixers and check the ventilation. With the help of building tools, you need to knock down the old tile to concrete. Then it all depends on the financial capabilities.

Budget repairs in the bathroom can be carried out using a moisture -resistant drywall. Когда обшивка гипсокартоном закончится можно покрыть его влагостойкой недорогой краской или тоником. The lumen between the bathroom and drywall is glued in an inexpensive moisture -resistant silicone so that the water does not leak down.

If it was decided not to change the bath, then you can restore it. The method of restoring the appearance of the bath has a relatively inexpensive price. The process of restoration of baths consists in covering a bath with liquid plastic on acrylic based. Such a polymer has durability and does not crack when hit. A plus of high -quality bath restoration is considered health safety, beautiful appearance and polymer strength. You can also save on the fact that when restoring the bath is not exported from the house, but is covered directly at the client’s home, which eliminates unnecessary costs when dismantling mixers and damage to wall decoration.

Rooms. In the repair of the ceiling of the room, in general, saving can be achieved using simple whitewashing, stickers of ceiling boards and using drywall. All these methods can be performed independently without resorting to the help of builders.

Wallpaper with the selection of a certain drawing requires more meter, and, accordingly, glue for wallpaper. After the drawing is adjusted, a considerable number of scraps from the wallpaper remains, in this case it is better to choose wallpaper with a minimum pattern or plain. For uneven walls, non -woven or vinyl wallpapers are more suitable, which are much denser than other types of wallpaper and perfectly hide all the flaws on the walls.

Field replacement occupies a considerable share of funds allocated for repairs. The most economical options are linoleum, carpet and laminate.

With the help of simple tips, you can significantly save in the production of budget repairs.

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