What is the technical plan for?

What is the technical plan for?

In order to collect and fix information about a particular property of real estate or only a certain part, it is necessary to use the cadastral services. Among these services there is a special and mandatory possibility of manufacturing a technical plan for the building or construction. Such a document is necessary in order to put a specific real estate object for cadastral registration (state).

The preparation of such a scheme of the room requires the availability of documents. To prepare this project, it is necessary to have a technical passport of the premises, if it is absent, you can use the design documentation. Also, a declaration of the object may be useful for the implementation of such a goal. In addition, there must be a cadastral passport (for this real estate object). To draw up a technical plan, in addition to the above documents, the mandatory availability of a cadastral extract about the land plot on which the building is located. This is in the case of a plan for the construction.

If such a project is necessary for an apartment, then there are several options for collecting documents and organizing such a goal. If such a document needs to be issued for an apartment that is located in a new building, then an agreement is required, which is drawn up with the developer. If this is absent, then you can use the decision from the court, which indicates the recognition of ownership of the apartment. A full plan of the floor of the apartment is required.

Another thing is if the technical plan is issued for the apartment in which the redevelopment was carried out. The following set of documentation is needed here: a certain act of the completion (redevelopment) of the apartment, the same plan-scheme of the floor and a special permit-the order of the city housing inspection.

Such a document helps to solve many disputes in the courts about buildings that are carried out illegally, that is, without the permission of the authorized, specialized in this bodies, since it indicates the exact contours of the constructed object. It has the right to make such a plan exclusively a cadastral engineer, otherwise the document will be considered a fake.

If a certain object that is listed in the cadastral document is destroyed, a new building cannot be built in its place. First you need to remove this object from cadastral registration. It is necessary to use the services of a cadastral engineer who must draw up an act for examining the premises, structures, etc.

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