Why compare air conditioning and fan?

Why compare air conditioning and fan?

Air conditioners are more convenient and more effective, but fans are cheaper and easier. In our country, not every family has air conditioners and even on the hottest day, people are saved by a simple fan. But according to American research, in the United States, only two percent of the population will prefer to live without air conditioning. Who gets great benefits from their choice – we or Americans?

When Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner in 1902, he did not suspect how much this design would change the attitude of people to cooling. But there is also such a device as a fan … Many discuss overall efficiency, compare the air conditioner and fan in different indicators. We decided in this article to unite all these points in one place and finally, to figure out what is more profitable and better?

High cost of cooling

Air conditioners, even the most effective, latest models, occupy the top of the pyramid of electricity consumption in houses. On a typical day of summer, no other device consumes as much electricity as air conditioning. No device is even approaching the indicators of the air conditioner! During the hot season, one quarter of communal expenses goes to the fund of maintaining coolness in the house. According to statistics, in the United States, air conditioning in itself consumes 5 percent of all electricity produced in the country with a consumption of 11 billion dollars a year from all homeowners who use this equipment.

Depending on the model, the fans consume a small amount of electricity. The Americans calculated that the simplest ceiling fan would add about $ 5 per month for utilities, while the air conditioner adds from $ 40.

Circulation against cooling. And it is very important!

Above, we examined a item regarding the cost of electricity, which goes to cooling using a fan and air conditioning. We even brought approximate numbers. But do not rush to make a choice in favor of a more cheap fan and now we will tell you why.

The air conditioner works on the principle of cooling and moisturizing air, while the fan circles air. And everything would be wonderful with the fan if he could support a comfortable climate in any conditions, but he does this only until a certain point. The movement of air in the house with a fan can have a positive effect only at a temperature of up to 29 degrees. If the thermometer column rises above, the fan not only stops helping, but also begins to do worse. This is the same principle when the wind rises in frosty weather and you get a few dozen times colder.

As you can see, the problem is not in comparing the air conditioner and fan, but in the understanding that both of these devices are engaged in completely different things. If in the summer the weather is really hot and dry, and you want to provide comfort indoors, you need air conditioning. If it does not bake on the street so as to use the air conditioner, then the fan will not do special weather. He can blow you after you sweat, but it will not be able to cool your body. Yes, dry and hot air will circulate, but you have no benefit from this. Menthol creams will bring more benefits than the fan in this case. So, when you think the next time you choose: air conditioning or fan, remember what we talked about in this article.

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Exit in the combo approach!

Fans and air conditioners do not necessarily mutually exclusive each other. In fact, the ceiling fan combined with air conditioning can be used in strategies for saving electricity. Working in combination, air conditioning can function at lower capacities, if you distribute chilled air through the room, the fan helps him. This is convenient for a person, since the air conditioner does not always correctly balances the cooled air in the room.

Portal Project Rodny wishes you a pleasant climate in your apartment!

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