Wooden houses

Wooden houses

Today, the construction of country houses is a separate industry, which is engaged in all large construction companies. This is a large -scale set of works, which includes the use of the latest construction technologies. Such attention to country cottages, from the part of the builders, is explained by the fact that, an increasing number of people want to have their own home, located far from urban noise, traffic jams and endless stream of people hurrying somewhere.

A wooden country -type of modern type is a reliable, universal design that combines modern and traditional construction technologies. It is worth noting that in our country, since time immemorial, the main material for construction was a tree. Wood buildings take root well in almost any weather conditions. True, this material must be properly prepared for construction work, otherwise there will be no guarantee that the future house will stand the due date.

Architectural fashion and construction technologies were constantly changing. This trend did not bypassed wooden housing. New methods were introduced into this sphere, which allowed to reduce the cost of construction, as well as reduce the timing of the construction of buildings.

Nowadays, the construction market is replete with ultra -modern materials. Despite this, the wood remains in demand. Its main advantage is environmental friendliness. This is the perfect material, both for human health and the surrounding nature. In addition, an excellent microclimate always reigns in a wooden house.

The main significant drawback of wooden houses is the impossibility of resisting fire. The building materials market offers consumers various impregnations and solutions, through which you can reduce the threat of fire. However, these impregnations do not make a tree 100% non -combustible. True, it is worth noting here that most often fires in houses occur due to improperly installed electrical wiring.

According to many analytics specialists, the construction of the market-wooden houses will be popular for a long time.

Finnish wooden houses Kuusamo are gaining more and more popularity today. Finnish wood from which they are built has unique structural properties and low humidity. In the company’s base of more than 200 finished wooden houses projects.


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